The Grumpy Octopus

Grumpy Baby Octopus

The one and only original

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Brand: The Grumpy Octopus and Friends


  • From the depth of the ocean comes the cutest baby octopus you want to have
  • Incredibly soft and huggable plushie provides a skin friendly comfortable cuddly feel
  • Great gift - irresistible and loved by everyone; adults, kids, infants, babies and pets
  • Original, truly unique one of a kind novelty product - Meme style octopus emoji stuffed animal makes life fun
  • Surface washable for easy cleaning - major stress reliever


May just be the most relatable stuffed animal out there.

This little octopus is just not having it today. Why so grumpy you ask? Nobody really knows, but he sure will brighten your day. Very angry but very lovable.

Ready to be taken everywhere you go. But be careful, he will get a lot of attention, and cause a lot of smiles. Adopt one for yourself!

But please, do not annoy him!

Made from the finest softest material.

Made from high quality velboa. Each piece of this little guy is put together carefully to ensure the softest hug possible.

Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 7.5"

A day in the life of a baby grumpy octopus

When you own this feisty octopus you will notice everyone wants to have a photo op: At birthdays, baby showers, photos with grandma, grandpa, toddlers, the cat, the dog. They will think it's hilarious!

You will also get a lot of questions: Is he truly an infant newborn baby octopus, or he is he secretly an evil genius? Is he trying to take over the world? Is he an alien? (there are theories that octopuses are in fact aliens)

The simple answer is no - He is just an octopus who would much rather be in the ocean, hanging out with other marine animals, squids, fish, sea turtles, blob fish, narwhales, kraken, even sea monsters and other weird unique creatures.

You will grow to love his perpetual angry state. Some love to give him as a funny gag gift, others just want to keep him all to themselves

100% Risk Free Guarantee


Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 8.3 x 5.6 inches


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